Imagine a home in which every door or window is unique. Craftdoors® did came up with a way of producing individual, custom designed joinery to suit any style or taste.

Suddenly, home design becomes more flexible, distinctly different and, while even odd shapes and sizes are possible (within certain design parameters), each piece is a genuine Craftdoor® product through and through. This means there is no compromise in quality. Every Craftdoor® custom made window and door is constructed from hand-selected kiln-dried meranti timber and assembled using the most sophisticated fittings and solid brass handles & stays. This ensures accurate fit, long life and ease of operation.

Craftdoors® can customise any size or format. Unusual shapes, unique bay windows, corner windows, side lights, pivot doors, folding doors and arched door frames can thus be created. Products which are no longer available can also be replicated, which is particularly useful to renovators.