New 3D Craftdoor® from DB Industries

The Craftdoor® was first introduced into the South African market years ago by the management of DB Industries, the original developers of the Craftdoor®.

In celebrating this wonderful occasion, DB Industries is proud to introduce its new 3D Craftdoor®, which evolved through our continuous research and development over the years. The 3D Craftdoor® is available in

a variety of designs with different shades of wood colour, that highlights the design. Our panels are UV resistant and manufactured in accordance with DB Industries exacting standards of quality, to carry a 5 year guarantee.

All Craftdoor® panels are made from thermosetting resin in a strictly controlled environment to ensure a quality product that can withstand different climatic conditions. These panels are fitted in a solid meranti frame with mortise and tendon construction. The doors are treated with Genkem NOVA 16 - NOVAGLOW®

All the designs are available in the Elegance Range and the Classic Range

Elegance: Doors are made of a Heavy Construction (130 mm) Meranti styles and rails, with 205 mm bottom rails to allow for bigger lock units and handle’s.  

Classic: Doors are made of Medium Construction (105 mm) Meranti styles and rails,

with 140 mm bottom rails

Big-5.png Gothic.png Elegance Range Classic Range Big 5 Gothic Crocodile.png Rhino.png Buffalo Ndlovu Shingwedzi Eagle Tau Simba Bouquet.png Harmony.png Leopard.png Protea.png Leopard Crocodile Rhino Bouquet Protea Harmony Sonata.png Melody.png Swan-Lake.png Swan Lake Symphoni.png Vineyard.png Warrior.png Melody Symphoni Sonata Vineyard Warrior Shingwedzi.png Buffalo.png Eagle.png Tau.png Ndlovu.png home