The door must fit its application to ensure proper performance of the door. Doors exposed to extreme conditions cannot be expected to last as long as doors that are semi-exposed. An exterior wooden door is manufactured for semi-exposed application. Doors and frames should be protected (see treatment) from extreme variations in temperature and humidity to ensure lasting beauty and stability.



Timber being a natural product, absorption / loss of moisture will occur according to the environment it is stored in. All wooden doors, frames and windows should therefore be stored in a dry and well ventilated place to protect it from excessive moisture, heat and insects. Newly built, plastered and painted buildings must be avoided because of the excessive moisture and humidity present. The doors and frames must be stacked horizontally, well cleared from the floor on evenly spaced bearers with a cover over the top and bottom door to further protect the doors and allow for adequate ventilation. Handle with clean gloves, and do not drag doors across one another or other surfaces.



1. Install wooden doors in new buildings after the plaster and cement are dry. If doors are stored at job site, it should be sealed all six sides before storage.

2. The utility or structural strength of the door must not be impaired in the fitting of the door, the application of hardware, or cutting and altering the door for  lights, louvers, panel or any other special details.

3. Before finishing, remove handling marks or effects of exposure to moisture with a thorough, final sanding over all surfaces of the door, and clean before applying door treatment. NO SANDING ON CRAFT PANELS!



1. Although some DB INDUSTRIES CC doors and frames are supplied with a basic treatment or oil applied, the entire door must still be resealed after fitting, with at least two coats of the appropriate exterior timber treatment (Genkem NOVA 16 - Novaglow®) that protects the product from uv-rays and fungal attack, to cover newly exposed parts and as a final finish to the door.

2. For resealing, surfaces must be prepared according to instructions from Genkem NOVA 16 - Novaglow®.

3. Care must be taken to ensure that all cavities, joints and edges are properly penetrated with sealant to ensure that excessive loss or absorption of moisture is avoided.

4. For good maintenance of the door and frame, the products must be frequently resealed according to its exposure after installation. Refer to Genkem NOVA 16 - Novaglow®.




DB INDUSTRIES CC guarantees its products for five years from date of purchase to be free from any manufacturing defects.  The purchaser must  deliver proof of purchase date. Products should be used for the purpose they are designed for and well cared for. Products must be treated with Genkem NOVA 16 - Novaglow® an exterior timber treatment that includes a UV and fungal protection. Purchaser must deliver proof of treatment product used to treat and seal product. (See treatment) If any manufacturing defects are detected, claims to be referred to the dealer. DB INDUSTRIES CC will have the right to act as follows:

- Every claim will be evaluated according to its merits.

- Replace or repair the product for not more than the original purchase price.


The following are excluded from this guarantee:

1. Failing to properly treat the products as referred to under  treatment.

2. Poor craftsmanship on the side of the contractor or installer of

    the products.

3. Alterations or modifications to the products.

4. Variation in colour that naturally occur in the timber.

5. Bending, warping, twisting of less than 6mm across the door, from  top left corner to bottom right corner and the other way around.



 Genkem NOVA 16 - NOVAGLOW ®


Nova 16 Novaglow® is an ultra long life, exterior timber varnish which provides a decorative, durable, gloss finish and long life protection against the damaging effects of the sun, water, weather and mildew.


Ideal for all exterior timber, Nova 16 Novaglow dries to a tough, glossy finish which will enhance and preserve the texture and grain of wooden doors, window frames, fascias, garden furniture and all other outdoor woodwork. Recommended by the Merensky Foundation.


Over the past years the technology has been continuously improved to withstand extreme weather and climatic conditions to such an extent that it carries a 5 year guarantee.

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